As part of our efforts to make your life with animals easier, we are constantly doing the research and sourcing to ensure you have the best options for your four-legged family members available locally.  The most recent addition to our offerings is Cavalor Feeds.

Innovation - Quality - Results.

Cavalor dedicates themselves to inventing, manufacturing and

distributing the best quality and most effective equine nutrition

products in the world for the health, performance and happiness

of all horses, from a foal’s first steps to retirement.

Cavalor is the only equine feed company in the world that does not
rest until they have reached what could be called “the last mile”:
ensuring that using their products is a great experience – for the
horse, of course, but also for those caring for the horse. For
example, they believe that the presentation of the supplements fed
to a horse is as important to the horse as it is to the groom who
feeds it at 6:00 in the morning. They feel that opening a bag of feed
should be a visually pleasing experience and that the aroma of that
feed should make the horse (and even the groom) want to eat it!

Fiberforce ~ a high fiber feed, very low in sugar and starch, suitable for horses with specific disturbances such as stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, insulin resistance, laminitis, cushing’s disease, colic or muscle problems.

Strucomix Original and Senior ~ Strucomix Senior is a highfiber Feed designed for Senior horses and hard keepers. It is Oat free with a high vitamin and mineral content as well as digestive and joint support. Strucomix Original is a traditionally delicious mix with herbs (thyme, wild oregano,  and allium) and dried apple flakes. It is also oat free and high-fiber which makes it suitable for all horses and ponies.

Mash & Mix ~ A well earned reward for your horse after heavy exertion. Mash & Mix is highly digestible and replenishes lost minerals and is also recommended for colic prone horses.


Fifty-Fifty ~ a balancer in addition to your current grain. It is recommended for all types of horses and offers joint support as well.

Pianissimo ~  specifically designed for hot horses and horses prone to stress. It is also Oat free and contains Tryptophan and extra magnesium.

Endurix ~ delivers the power of endurance to horses, having a high fat content, high levels of electrolytes, and organically bound copper, zinc, and manganese. It's highly digestible ingredients strengthen the natural resistance.

Tradition Mix ~ the traditional formula containing the most essential values for a basic and nutritious ration.


Superforce ~ a top quality sports feed specifically designed to supplement the daily ration of the active horse during competition. It contains a special selection of exclusive top quality grains along with amino acids.

Performix ~ a well balanced Feed suited for active competition horses. Performix contains copper, zinc, and manganese to provide ultimate support for joints,
bones, and tendons.