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At Moore Equine Feed & Supply, we carry feeds from the top manufacturers - Purina, Seminole, Triple Crown, Blue Seal, Cool Stance, Chaffhaye, Crypto Aero, Cavalor, Emerald County and New Country Organics.

 Come talk with our staff about the special needs of your horse, or let us schedule a consultation for you with one of our vendors' equine nutrition specialists.

Specialty Feeds

We carry complete senior feeds, feeds for easy keepers and feed for horses with special dietary needs. Low fat, high fat, low starch and all different protein levels are available along with specialty products like quick soaking beet pulp, rice bran, flax seed or fat supplements. We also have non GMO and Organic Feeds



All hay is not created equal. The type of hay, when it is fertilized and harvested and how it is stored all makes a difference to the quality and nutritional content. We carry many different types of quality and nutritional content. We carry many different types of quality hay. We also stock high quality western hay from Standlee Hay Company in both pellets and compressed hay bales and we are now carrying Chaffhaye forage.

Supplements, Tack & Supplies


We have a full selection of horse care products, supplements and blankets for every season. Come in and let us help you choose the perfect products to help your horse look and feel his best!

Our Brands


  • Purina
  • Seminole
  • Blue Seal
  • Triple Crown
  • Cavalor
  • Tribute
  • Crypto Aero
  • Stance Equine
  • Emerald Valley
  • Wild Fed

Specialty, Non GMO & Organic

  • Crypto Aero
  • Speedibeet
  • Fibrebeet 
  • Coolstance
  • Renew Gold
  • Kentucky Equine Research
  • Wild Fed


  • Eastern Township Acreages
  • Chaffhaye
  • Timothy 
  • Orchard Grass
  • Alfalfa
  • Standlee Compressed Bales
  • Chopped Forages  
  • Orchard/Alfalfa Mixes


We proudly serve customers from Southern Pines and the surrounding areas of Aberdeen, Raeford, Pinehurst, Carthage, Cameron, Vass, Sanford, Chapel Hill, Apex, and Whispering Pines!

Come visit our locally owned feed, tack, and pet supplies store located in the heart of horse country in Southern Pines, NC specializing in quality food, treats, and farm supplies for all your animal needs!