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Horses like to play, too! Contrary to popular belief, horses get bored when they don't have anything to do. Horses need toys they can maneuver with their feet and mouths. Just like babies, horses like to shake, roll, chew, and just move things around. At Moore Equine Feed & Pet Supply, all of the horse toys we supply are durable and built to last. Every one of the toys we have available are made from high quality materials and are designed so that your horse can play for hours and not get bored!

Play balls are just one of the most preferred horse toys. The balls come in several sizes, but are all big enough to stop your horse from stepping on them. Each ball is made using thick materials that resist punctures. Some balls are made with openings where you can insert treats like carrots or small amounts of hay or hay cubes. The more your horse plays and moves the ball around, the more treats they will get.

Moore Equine Feed & Pet Supply also supplies a range of chew toys for horses who like to chew on the wood in their stalls or enclosures. Chew toys will satisfy your horse's need to chew, and at the same time, protect the wood in their stalls and pens. Chew toys are made from incredibly tough materials that will not come apart. 

Your horse doesn't have to be bored! Spruce up their life with a couple of toys and watch how active they become! Buy two or three so that your horse has something different to play with. Regardless of what type of horse toy you are searching for, you can always visit Moore Equine Feed & Pet Supply in Southern Pines, NC. Call (910) 692-2385 and speak with one of the staff members if you have questions on what is available in-store, or stop by today. 


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